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"I have had the opportunity to work with Emily since October 2015. I have been most impressed with Emily's level of organization, technological know-how, and ability to problem solve issues that I face (so that I do not have to). My patients find her very friendly, professional, and helpful. She is a wonderful asset for my practice and saves me time and money. I can wholeheartedly recommend her without any reservations.

~Dan - Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist 

"I could tell after our first communication that Emily and her staff had a better understanding of how to do this work than any other virtual assistant with whom I had worked.  She has the interpersonal skills, intuition and work ethic that I need as the face of my practice."

~Dr. Kory Stotesbery, DO - SF Bay Psychiatry


"I just wanted to say thank you for all of your excellent work with me over the past few months. You've been consistent, reliable, and helpful through and through. I really appreciate it."

~Non profit organization, CEO


"Emily and her team have been a lifesaver as we have grown our small mental health clinic.  She has managed our multiple systems and client communications with expertise.  Emily has always been responsive to our needs and feedback, flexibly modifying her tasks as the demands change.  We are so grateful!  We never could have grown without the administrative support she offered."

~Sunstone Psychiatric

"If you don't need an in-office assistant, Mazza Virtual Assistants are a great option.  You get the benefit of a team with 9am-5pm availability, but without the 9-5 cost." 

~Dr. S

"MazzaVirtual Assistants provides great VA's who are adaptive to your needs and have patience and experience in integrating new systems to make your business better. I don't thing my practice would have grown as it did without their help."

~Jasmine Menser-Lust MA, LCPC

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