Our goal with the Scale-Up Service Summit is to provide a platform for therapists to learn about the services that can help them go further faster in their business development. We want to educate therapists about what services are out there that can accelerate their growth so they can make informed business decisions about 2021 and beyond.

The Scale-Up Summit will bring together services and resources that mental health practices need and use and will connect them with business owners seeking to develop and grow in 2021. Over four days, there will be a discussion from a panel of providers from different areas of focus. The main idea of the summit is Developing Sustainable Growth.

The summit is a free event for private practice owners organized by Move Forward Virtual Assistants and Mazza Virtual Assistants with support by The Productive Therapist and Don’t Panic Management.

Planned Agenda for the Scale-Up Service Summit

                                               TUESDAY - DETERMINE YOUR DIRECTION

                                                How coaches can help you with your                                                            owner’s mindset, working on your why,                                                        and putting your vision into motion.


                                               WEDNESDAY - DECIDE ON DELEGATION

                                               How assistants and professional services                                                   can provide focus, time, and profits.


                                               THURSDAY - DIAL-IN THE DIGITAL

                                               How choosing the right digital tools can                                                       streamline your process and provide                                                           efficiency and security to your operations.

                                              FRIDAY - DREAM TO DONE

                                              How to move forward with a recap of the                                                    previous sessions with main takeaways and                                                a plan to start making progress on your 2021 growth goals.